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When to Look for a New Job | PA / NP World
When to Look for a New Job
29 Dec

When to Look for a New Job

Are you considering changes in the new year? Is a new job on your list of resolutions?

We’ve all thought about quitting after a rough shift, but most of the time, we just need to go home, reset, and come back to fight another day.

So when is it time to really consider a new job?

Here are some basic guidelines to consider.

If you are not being respected in your role as a medical professional.

If you’re a recent grad, it can be humbling to learn how much you still need to learn after an intensive PA or NP program, but whether you are a recent graduate or have many years of experience, you should be treated with respect by the staff and your supervising physicians.

Are you able to ask questions, learn, make decisions, and grow? Does your collaborating physician welcome questions? Offer supportive criticism? Give you chances to expand your expertise? Are you encouraged to grow autonomously?

Is this job a position you would recommend to a friend? Take stock of your position from an outside perspective. Every job has its ups and downs, office politics, and personality conflicts, so you have to consider how those weigh on your experience before thinking about a new job.

If your job is not helping you meet your career goals.

Are you getting the experiences you need to further your career, your growth as a professional? Reflect on your current practice.

Freshen up your resumé.

By focusing on what others would see in your career, you can more easily decide if your current position is bringing you opportunities to learn and develop as a medical professional. A new job might add to that resumé if you find it looking a bit scant, but you do not want too short a tenure at any position either.

Are you too safe and comfortable in this position? An ideal job would be secure, but ask you to step outside your comfort zone once in awhile to treat something new, explore new treatment options, to get better at your job.Have you considered looking for a new job in 2016? We all have bad days at work, but when is leaving really a good idea? When should you look for a new job?

If your job doesn’t have the work/life balance you desire.

Some jobs are more work and less life, but they are exciting, interesting career builders or are temporarily hard as the person having the lowest seniority in the practice, but will shift as you’ve been there longer. Some jobs are just challenging. People’s lives hang in the balance. Do you thrive on work or want more time at home?

If you’re too stressed to be at your best.

If the sound of your pager sends you into a panic or turns your stomach into knots, that may NOT be the right place for you.

Humbly starting at the bottom is part of the process. But if you’re finding yourself completely burned out, it might be time to explore other options.

Each of us thrive in different environments. Don’t make yourself sick to make others well. Find a job that pushes you to excel, not crash, whatever that means for you.

We all thrive in different environments. Don't make yourself sick to make others well. #TimeforaNewJOB Click To Tweet

Time to find a new job?

Ask yourself what the ideal situation would be for you and create parameters for a job search:

  • Call/No call?
  • 7 on/7off or standard office 40 hr/wk?
  • No weekends/ evenings or standard hospital shifts?
  • Is location the issue? too far from family?
  • Want lots to do in your spare time? or a quiet place to raise a family?
  • Need more compensation/benefits/retirement? Loan repayment?

Take the time to evaluate these components before starting a job search this year, and if you decide the time for a change is right, remember not to burn your bridges at your current position: give plenty of notice, be positive about what you learned at this job, and what you were looking for in a new position.

Be sure to search PA NP World for just the right fit for you. We have jobs from across the entire country, every shape, size and compensation to fit your career needs.

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