06 Oct


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With the physician shortage growing, Nurse Practitioners are the future of medicine and will ‘bridge the gap’ for healthcare! We hope to find you a great fit!

We help Advanced Practice Nurses:

  • Discover a wider range of open NP positions.
  • Simplify the hiring process through timely phone interviews with the right hiring managers.
  • Navigate through decision making, negotiation, and transitioning into a new APRN position

There is no fee for Nurse Practitioners to use our service; we are paid by our clients.

Current job openings at npnow

npnow Albuquerque, NM Jul, 17
npnow San Francisco, CA Jul, 12
npnow Manchester, NH Jul, 10
npnow Dallas, TX Jul, 10
npnow Hartford, CT Jul, 03
npnow Sonoma, CA Jul, 01
npnow Fort Wayne, IN Jun, 27

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