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Write a Better Job Description: Improve Your Hiring Process | PA / NP World
Write a Better Job Description: Improve Your Hiring Process
04 Apr

Write a Better Job Description: Improve Your Hiring Process

Writing a better job description may not sound like the most important part of hiring a new member for your practice, but filling a vacant position doesn’t start with interviews, it starts with attracting the right applicants.

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That open position needs to be filled. Patients are waiting extra days to be seen. Cases are piling up, but you don’t just want any applicant, you want the right one. And you don’t want to spend weeks weeding through stacks of the wrong resumes either.

You need the right applicant to see your job and want to apply.

Okay, but how do I do that?

Write a great job description.

Simple enough, but as someone whose job it is to read through job descriptions, many employers are missing out on candidates based on lackluster job descriptions.

Physician assistants and nurse practitioners are in growing demand. We see thousands of jobs posted a year. Applicants feel like they have a lot of choices.

Make them want to choose your job.

Grab their attention with some aspect of your practice or community that is unique and appealing. Does your practice see a lot of challenging, interesting cases? Do you offer a great work/life balance perfect for applicants with families? Share those kinds of details to draw interest from applicants who are excited to join your type of practice.

However, find a balance with the details in your job description. Some employers share so little information applicants literally know the practice has an opening in a specific specialty and the required certifications, but has zero information on the practice or area.

While other job descriptions go the other direction and include everything just shy of a legal disclaimer, which is unnecessarily wordy for an online job posting. Strive for 3-5 main ideas with a few points per section.

Think movie trailer, not feature film!
Finding the right applicant doesn't start with interviews. It starts with getting the right applicants. Write a better job description today.

Don’t waste a lot of time on the wrong resumes. Clarity is crucial on the important qualifications you are seeking, such as experience or certifications required, position title and responsibilities, shift/call hours, and expectations for providers working with your patients. These are great for a bullet point list.

Don't waste a lot of time on the wrong resumes. Clarity about requirements and expectations is crucial. Click To Tweet

A better job description should include some of the details of your compensation package. A salary range is only a starting point. Include vacation time, loan repayment, moving expenses and if you offer compensated time for continuing education or offer at work classes for credit, these can be great selling points.

Applicants will see that you’re interested in caring for their careers and professional skills.

Lastly, intersperse the unique style and personality of your practice or community throughout the job description. Is it a fast-paced urgent care environment or laid-back family practice? Does the job offer lots of room for autonomy or is it a team environment?

Remember to see your description through the eyes of an applicant. “Busy practice” might sound good to you, but sound like “You’ll never see your family” to an applicant, so clarify what you mean – “bustling 9-5 practice” gives applicants the idea that they will see many patients but also be able to count on a regular schedule.

Finally, mastering the Millenial mindset!

Millenials will comprise 40% of the workforce by 2020, so learning what they are seeking from a job/career is essential in writing a job description that speaks to them.

Most millenials want to either work autonomously or work for a mentor figure in a collaborative environment rather than a traditional boss-subordinate role.

Work-life balance is important to them, but not how we might think. They want work and life as integrated parts of a whole, meaning more flexible schedules and respect for the life portion of their life.

In writing a job description that speaks to millenials, use words like team, collaboration, autonomy, and clearly state schedule expectations.

But they also really seek to make the world a better place and want to do important work, and are willing to work hard in an meaningful position. Show them the importance of your practice, how they will make a difference.

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Writing a better job description will help you hire someone who will make your practice more than a job, but as a home for their career.

And if you still need help, ask us! We are more than happy to help you with your posting. Contact PA-NP World today.

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